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For Education Industry

We offer an array of Services and Products for the Education Industry. We can help educational institutes with complete digital transformation by Automating the complete school administration process with our – EDU-ERP. We can help education institutes to collect FEES and PAYMENTS ONLINE.

Virtual Classroom & LMS

Administrative Tools

Online Admission

Online Payment Collection

For Retails

We have a lot to offer for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to explore the world of online selling. We understand the needs of various retails and tailor our Robust E-Commerce Framework to meet the requirement of the retail. We also provide PWA and Mobile Apps to make your online store further mobile.

Seamless Integration

Multiple Channels

SMS Gateway

Mobile Apps

For Individuals

We understand that every individual is unique and their needs and requirements are unique. Keeping this Mantra in mind we have created multiple layers of services and products to cater to all your unique and out of the box needs. Whether you are an amateur blogger or a professional artist we have you covered with our web development options.




Website Builder


In this world full of service providers, it is extremely important to understand and analyse why you should go with a particular service provider and what extra can the service provider bring to the table.
We bring the following to the table:

Free Consultation

If you are not sure about your requirement get FREE Consultation from our experts who are eager to listen your User Story.

Multi-Tech Team

We have a wide variety of techies in our Team. So, no matter what platform you want to work with we have the expertise to handle it.

Business Understanding

All of our Business Analyst bring a lot of experience with them who understands your use case and connects you and the technical team with a single string.

Clear Commitments

We commit only what we can deliver. We do not make tall promises which we cannot keep. Till date we have had all before-time deliveries and we plan to continue that.

Extensive Support

We have dedicated support platform and all our clients are registered in that portal as soon as our business association begins.

Pocket Friendly

We have done our best in keeping the value for money factor at its highest for all our products and services. We offer low prices without any compromises.


We are blessed to be showered with so much love

To begin with, honestly, I was a bit sceptical, considering my previous experience with another company trying to build my website. But no regret that I took my chance and trusted these guys. They are super responsive, proactive and are always one step ahead of clients and leaves no room for any complaints. Kudos and keep up the pace and enthusiasm. Good Luck from @InterioScape

Saugata Choudhury

Founder, Interioscape

If you looking for a website with classy style and also cost effective you should go with Muon infotech, love their service and functionality.

Abir Layek

Founder, Shopoplaza

It was a very pleasant and satisfactory experience working with Muon Infotech. They work with a very knowledgeable team and has the capability of addressing all issues. Cheers!

Mallika Chowdhury

Fashion Designer, Aldeb Boutique



In this section of our website you will find interesting bites about technology. Bring out the curious cat inside you and have a go, we promise you will not be disappointed.

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